BECOMING DANGEROUS: A book about ritual and resistance

Created by Katie West

BECOMING DANGEROUS: A book about ritual and resistance
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Twenty-three personal essays from witchy femmes, queer conjurers, and magical rebels on summoning the power to resist.

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New books being printed
3 days ago – Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 01:53:22 PM

Hello everyone!

An update: I'm still waiting on a refund from the original printers. They pretty much refused to do a reprint, so I'm waiting for my refund to be approved. (It better be approved. *angry glare at camera 1*)

In the meantime, I've contacted several UK printers for estimates. One place seems very helpful and responsive and came well recommended to me so I've decided to go with them. They're going to take 3 weeks to print and when the books arrive I'll be able to get rewards out very quickly as they're all ready to go, I just need the book!

The main problem with doing a reprint is that, because I'm printing less books, it's more expensive per book. It's actually more than double the price now because I'm also paying in GBP instead of USD. This is obviously unfortunate, and if you're thinking to yourself, "Wow, this whole situation really sucks for Katie" and you're wondering what you can do about it, may I offer some suggestions? 

  • post a photo of your book onto your social media and mention @fictionfeeling (Twitter) or @FictionandFeeling (IG)
  • tell people they can buy the book from (both digital and preorder paperback, the paperback will be in stock soon!)
  • if you've already received your book and you've read it, could you review it over at Goodreads?

All the books for people in the UK/EU who only ordered the book (no pins, stickers, etc.) have been sent out yesterday and I've heard that many have already arrived! So now is a perfect time to tell your friends about it. ;)

Just a reminder, if you are outside the UK/EU and have a problem with your reward (wrong pin, missing item, etc.) please contact BackerKit here: And they will help you out!

Things are getting fixed, friends. It's all gonna be okay. 


5 days ago – Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 12:24:47 AM

Hello everyone,

I am very glad to see that everyone outside the EU seems to be getting their rewards. I've seen folks in Canada, Australia, and Singapore receiving their books and that's such great news!

In not so great news: I'm still arguing with the printer about the damaged books. At one point I thought I was being unreasonable and so showed the damaged to my friend Anna who has worked in book stores for year. She assured me that had she received the books from a publisher, she would've sent them right back as she wouldn't have been able to sell any of them. 

Part of what makes me feel that I'm being unreasonable is the way the Sales Manager, Joe, speaks to me. It's condescending and rude. It infuriates me, but I know that if I show this man my rage, he'll immediately dismiss any of my claims as me being a hysterical woman. (This is the same guy who told me I "need to relax".) I worry that anything I do to defend myself from his unprofessionalism and dismissive attitude will affect the outcome of this situation. Will I no longer get my refund? Will I be out even more money than I already am? 

So where I'm at now is getting a new printer here in the EU to print the books. The first printer I contacted seemed wonderful and was recommended by the 404 Ink crew, but they don't carry the foil I need. I've contacted three other printers and have had two quotes come back and am in discussions with both to see what can be done and how soon. 

I also got the proof for the hardcopy limited edition illustrated version and it looks great, so that should be done and be shipped soon! I've had a WONDERFUL experience with those printers, Calverts, located in London.

Hopefully my next update has more good news!


Shipping + Books + Babes
10 days ago – Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 09:05:05 PM

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that if you are outside the EU and haven't received your book yet, you can contact BackerKit here. However, you may want to hold off a couple days as I think I've only seen two or three people outside the US who have their book. I haven't seen anyone in Canada who has received their rewards yet. 

EU Backers: I'm still missing three boxes of books. I ended up with only 50% of books being undamaged, which is only around 190. I've packed them up and will start shipping this week. I've also contacted another printer in order to get the books I'm missing replaced. We're in talks to make that happen soon. Thanks for all your kind messages of support regarding this delay!

Also, I launched another Kickstarter yesterday. I don't know if many of you know, but in addition to running Fiction & Feeling, I am also a photographer. I've been shooting self-portraits and my babely friends for over a decade. Yesterday my amazing friend Faye Daniels and I launched the Kickstarter for BABEFEST Vol. 3: Hot & Cold. We really love having photo adventures and exploring what it means to be a babe in this patriarchal world, and we don't think these two things need to be mutually exclusive. We are into feminism, body and sex positivity, and the power of slow jams and mozzarella sticks. BABEFEST Vol 3: Hot & Cold will be over 150 pages of high quality, full-colour photographs delivered straight to you. Check out the page to watch our adorable video (featuring mozzarella sticks), and learn about what BABEFEST is! There is LOTS OF NUDITY on that Kickstarter page. Don't go there if that's not your bag. 

BABFEST 3: with Faye Daniels and Katie West
BABFEST 3: with Faye Daniels and Katie West

And that's it. I'll keep you updated on what's going on with the books. You have all been extraordinarily kind, calm, and patient during this. It is very much appreciated. 


An Update for UK/EU backers
16 days ago – Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 07:57:11 PM


So, where did we leave off in the Saga of the European Books? I believe we were waiting for customs clearance. Well, the good news is, customs cleared the books! The bad news is: Everything that happened after that.

I expected the books to arrive yesterday, and they did, sort of. One box instead of 13 boxes from the shipment arrived. STRANGE. But, okay. I call FedEx, ask where the rest of the books are. Apparently there's a problem with the shipping manifesto and it was done incorrectly by the shipper. They've escalated the issue and someone will get back to me by end of day. (SPOILERS: No one got back to me by end of day.)

Meanwhile, I open the one box of books I have. Excitement! But then, disappointment. The books are badly damaged. Of the 39 books in the box, only 5 are not damaged. At this point a zen-rage state overtakes me. I very methodically document all the damage and send it to the printers, expressing my frustration and disappointment. I get a response to the damage photos that says, "Oh, that's very bad." It is very bad, Annie, it truly is. She says she's working on it. Then asks to see a picture of the box. I send it. I also send an email with errors I've found on closer inspection. I don't get a reply.

Today, I call FedEx again. I find out that one of the boxes of books is at the right depot. One of the boxes has been sent to the wrong depot. The others are all still at Stansted Airport and no one knows why. They're going to call me back. They don't. A couple hours later, I call again. They tell me the same thing as before but they're pretty sure it's all gonna work out and I should have all the boxes by Monday. 

But wait! A second box of books has arrived! I open this one, expecting it to be just like the first and I was....not wrong. The books in this box are also damaged. Friends, I'm not unreasonable, I know sometimes damage happens in transit, but a) that should be after I send it out because I'm just a regular person who doesn't ship books for a living b) almost every single book had all four corners bashed in, or the covers bent and scuffed, the pages bent out of shape. It was almost comical; I would've laughed had I not been in full zen-rage mode. Instead, I sent photos of this damage, and the boxes, and an email asking what my options are at this point, because I need to have this sorted ASAP.

I get an email from Annie's boss, Joe. He says, "What's your phone number?"

Joe calls me. He says he doesn't understand a lot of my complaints so he needs me to ship him some of the damaged books today where I've pointed out all the problems so he can see and check with the printers to see if I'm being unreasonable. He asks if I've ever printed books before. He tells me he can't fix this problem in two hours. He tells me I need to relax. Dear, reader, I hadn't even said anything, all I've done is answered his questions. And remember, I'm in zen-rage mode. I'm cool. I'm collected. And he tells me, "You need to relax." 

Okay, Joe.

He asks me, "What do you need for this to be fixed?" I said, I need the books. All these books are shipping out to people who've already bought and paid for them. He asks me, all of them? I tell him, yes, Joe, all of them. He says, "That's not good." So I said, well you can just give me a refund and I'll get the books printed elsewhere. He tells me not to jump the gun. Send the books to him, get them to him asap, and we'll figure this out. 

And that's where we are now. I've sent the books. I'm waiting to see..oh wait! I just got an email from Joe. Ha! He's going to be in NYC from Monday to Wednesday so he'll get to this on Thursday. Course he will. *zen-rage intensifies*

I am so sorry this is happening. You have all been so so patient with me, and things keep cocking up. Hopefully I'll be able to ship at least some rewards out with the few books that aren't damaged. And hopefully for the rest a solution is found as soon as possible. 

Thanks for being so understanding while I deal with this!


Reward Shipping Update
24 days ago – Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 05:25:02 PM

Hello everyone!

Spoke to BackerKit today and there was a bit of a hiccup regarding the pins, but it's all worked out. Everyone should be receiving their rewards shortly. Yesterday a batch of 700 books were shipped out and the pins will ship shortly as well. I think by middle of next week it might all be finished--for backers NOT in the EU. 

For backers IN the UK/EU, I finally got customs clearance for my books! However. It takes 24 hours to validate, and then we have the problem of the bank holiday. So the books won't leave London to get to me in Edinburgh until next Tuesday. But at least they're definitely coming!